Melissa M. Fraser

Event and Artistic Photography


All image rights reserved by Melissa M. Fraser.

I started my adventures in photography on a family vacation in Bar Harbor, ME at the age of 11.  A walk through a local photography gallery inspired me to take the family camera to see if I could produce amazing images, like the ones displayed in the shop.  Upon developing the film, I was hooked and began to photograph everything at every opportunity I could. My camera become a constant in my life through the good and the bad times. 

My first big award came in high school when I won a gold key for “the old barn” and a gold key and blue ribbon for “postcard dreams” at the Boston Globe Art Show.  Since that time, I have been awarded ribbons at various state fairs, including the chairman’s choice and honorable mention at the Mid-South fair in Memphis, TN.  My work was featured in three juried commercially available books: Charleston; A photographic portrait; Savannah; a photographic portrait, and Massachusetts; a photographic portrait.  I have been featured both in and on the cover of Cape Cod Guide Magazine.  While in graduate school, I was featured in four MUSC Humanitas, a juried art magazine.  I have been featured in several Cape Cod Art Association juried art exhibits.  Through the years I have also photographed multiple weddings, birthday parties and social events such as MUSC graduation, Cancer Survivor Day and SC Aquarium events.  My most recent award was acceptance and honorable mention in photography at he CCCA Breath of Spring exhibit.

I love to find creative ways to look at subjects, perhaps in ways that others might pass by.  I enjoy photographing all types of subjects, particularly in an abstract way. Finding abstract images is a way for me to express the abstract feelings from being an artist in spirit and a scientist in trade.  As a scientist, we deal in fact and fact alone, there are not many creative outlets when writing or presenting scientific research.  But I am an artist at heart and have always enjoyed creative writing and using my imagination, something that doesn’t fit with my chosen profession.  Photography offers a great creative outlet, which is something missing from my day job.  Going out for an afternoon of shooting images helps me relieve the stress at the end of a long workweek. 

Any questions or if you would like to purchase a photograph, please email me.